How Much I Earned In 2 Weeks On Medium

I am actually impressed

Bostan Andrei
2 min readJan 8, 2022

Medium is one of the best platforms for writers. Here you can write whatever you want. To be honest, I joined Medium because I wanted a source of passive income, or how I want to name it “beer money”, and until now I can buy 1 beer in my country.

I didn’t think it is going to be easy or to make a lot of money. But for my first 2 weeks on this platform, I think I am doing great. Of course, I am not doing thousands of dollars like others, but who knows? By having consistency and being perseverent I think that I can achieve to make at least 100$ a month.

The key to making money on Medium, or any other website, or business is to not give up. You need to give time to what you are doing, you need to don’t give up and continue your dream.

I made 100 followers in a week, since then I monetized all my articles, I don’t get a lot of views and reads, depending on the article I write. Some do good, others don’t, you can’t know what is going to work or whatnot.

My income for 2 weeks.

I can’t say that I am not happy with this achievement. For 2 weeks is clearly more than other sites that I have done work for. And I really like to write here, on Medium. I feel that I have people to talk to, that want to read my articles and know me better, I write on various topics that I…



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