Why Cosmonauts Train in Water

What does it take to become a cosmonaut? This is a question that many people have been asking since the beginning of the space age in the 1960s.

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Space organizations around the world are constantly aiming to send cosmonauts into space, and those who end up being selected to fly in space must meet certain standards in terms of physical and mental training and have a certain type of education and training.

Whether they come from the USA, Russia, China, Japan, or any other country that has a space program, cosmonauts must be very well prepared for the missions they are going to carry out

How many of you know what an astronaut’s training program is before he is sent to work in orbit close to Earth?

What is astronaut training?

Gravity on the Moon is extremely different from that on Earth and is one-sixth that of Earth. Therefore, astronauts need intense training, which can last for two years.

Thus, they will be able to work in space and perform various tasks such as repairs to the space station, taking geological samples from the surface of the Moon, and others.

The first of these concerns pre-flight training and consists of basic training, advanced training, and mission-specific training. Then, the astronauts move to the flight training stage, during which they maneuver the robotic arm, “pilot” the spacecraft on video simulators, and are medically trained.

The last stage is post-flight rehabilitation.

What is the training of cosmonauts in water?

In the preparation stage in the so-called underwater simulator, cosmonauts train dressed in specially designed suits, which are very similar to those they will use in space.

The pool and the suit “work” together to simulate gravity on the moon. It also creates an environment similar to the South Pole of the Moon, where the Sun is just a few degrees above the horizon, creating long, dark shadows.

Divers who assist cosmonauts during training turn off the lights, install black curtains on the pool walls to minimize…



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